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Scissors is what we do at Scissor Sales! Find an amazing choice of sewing scissors, hair scissors, craft and hobby tools, jewelry and magnifying loupes...the list goes on! Browse our site for the right tool for your project, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all of our hobby tools and scissors:

  • Sewing Scissors : Our extensive selection of sewing scissors includes all sorts of fabric shears and snips that are high quality and made to last!
  • Embroidery scissors: No sewing kit is complete without a favorite pair of embroidery scissors! These are small, sharp, and indispensable for any job requiring careful cutting. We even offer lighted seam rippers, and a host of other sewing accessories.
  • Quilting : Find quilting cutting tools including scissors, pinking shears, thread snips, and everything you need for your next quilting project.
  • Workshop Scissor Sales is your best resources for both in the house and in the workshop, with quality chain nose pliers, needle nose pliers, rosary pliers...even fishing pliers and file sets!
  • Garden Tools: Find garden tools such as pruners, bonsai shears, or floral scissors.
  • Medical Tools : Browse our extensive selection of medical-type tools for carftsmen and hobbyists, including surgical scissors, hemostats, scalpels,
  • Vet Tools : Find quality cat and dog nail clippers, nail files, and beak clippers.
  • Pet Grooming : Grooming shears and supplies include dog and cat nail clippers, hair shears, and combs.
  • Tweezers : Tweezers include eyebrow tweezers, craft tweezers, and precision tweezers for any number of fine projects.
  • Household : High quality household scissors, fabric shears and sewing shears. Applique scissors, tailor shears, and all-purpose scissors
  • Jeweler Tools include jeweler's loupes, headband magnifiers, ring sizers and more!
  • Jeweler Tools : Find jewery pliers, bench vise, pocket screwdrivers and files and all sorts of workshop tools and Watch Repair tools as well.
  • Jeweler Loupes : In addition to an extensive selection of jeweler's loupes, we offer 10x loupes and magnifying loupes and magnifiers
  • Magnifying Loupes : Make your next project a whole lot easier with these magnifying loupes and glasses, headband magnifiers and reading magnifiers!
  • Manicure/Pedicure : find pedicure equipment and manicures supplies, mani/pedi tools including nail files and tools for foot callous removal, along with manicure sets and clippers of all shape and sizes.
  • Beading Tools : Find everything you need including beading kits, alligator clips & craft scissors.
  • Left Handed Scissors : Finally - left handed scissors for crafters! Browse our selection and complete your project in comfort.
  • Yarn Arts : Scissors for every yarn project: craft scissors, curved micro snips and stitch hole makers!
  • Reading Glasses : Scissor Sales offers sun reading glasses, quality magnifying glasses - that are both practical and fashionable!
  • Mortician Tools - These mortician-style tools have a host of uses for crafters! Hemostats, clamps, suture scissors and scalpels , tweezers and scissors are great for all types of projects.
  • Dental Tools : Professional-grade dental tools include pliers, picks, dental scalers, spring hooks and wax carvers.
  • Personal Care : Foot callous removal is made easy with our precision tools, along with cuticle scissors, nose hair clippers and many other personal care precision tools.
  • Barber, Hair Scissors : Find barber scissors and hair scissors at Scissor Sales! We offer a wide selection, including thinning and texturizing scissors.
  • Misc.: We have it all, including alligator clips, ring sizers and more!
  • About Us/Contact Us : Contact us at Scissor Sales for more information or assistance with any of our products!